7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Time Management

Time Management Skills

We are not robots – not yet anyway. Although that could all change if transhumanism becomes a reality. But the future of AI aside, there is still very much a human elements involved in managing our own time. The pressure is on to improve productivity and we are stressed and overloaded.

So…how can we improve our time management without surrendering our brains to the world of machine learning? Here’s how:

  1. Don’t be scared to embrace technology

Whilst there is a very valid fear of AI replacing our workforces, this isn’t a big a deal as initially predicted. Humans and machines can work harmoniously together to create a super workforce that can greatly improve productivity. Utilise technology to make life easier for yourself.

  1. Delegate

Delegation can sometimes be seen as passing the buck. In fairness I have seen a few people over the years make a career out of delegation, just to have an easy life in the workplace. Own your sh** but if you’re struggling to manage your time, delegate to the team players who have the skills to help. Many hands my light work as the saying goes.

  1. Plan, plan, plan!

People laugh because I still have a paper diary. I also have a diary on my phone. My phone acts as my back up diary should I lose my paper one and my paper one acts as the back-up should I lose my phone. Arguably I am overloading myself here. The point is, my working life is in a calendar and tasks are scheduled so I know what I am doing at a glance. (Oh and I forgot the calendar on the kitchen cupboard). 

  1. Prioritise jobs

As new jobs come in, book them in in order of importance. Schedule them in an order or priority, according to deadline or financial impact. Be flexible and move jobs around to be realistic – it’s natural to have a reshuffle when bigger jobs come in. If you can’t deliver, delegate. Or employ a robot…(joke).

  1. Avoid procrastination

We all procrastinate Getting cracking on a task can be off-putting, especially if it’s a big task. But it’s bad for productivity and can leave you feeling more stressed. A good mind set is critical before starting a task. Clear your head and do what you need to do to fire yourself up. Break down your task into manageable chunks and set milestones throughout the day or week.

  1. Start early

Everyone works differently but scientifically speaking you are more academically productive first thing in the morning. Avoid late nights, try and get a decent night’s sleep of at least 7-8 hours and have a healthy breakfast. I try and go for a run before work to boost mood and motivation.

  1. Take breaks

Ok so robots might have the advantage here, being able to work tirelessly but even they overheat. Avoid burnout by taking breaks to recharge. This applies to short breaks throughout the day, as well as holidays. You’re far more productive if you pause to power up.

So there you have it, 7 quick tips to help you to manage your time effectively. There are of course many more, which we would be delighted to share with you…if you have time.