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If you employ someone (even if it's only yourself), you will usually need to register as an employer with HMRC and subsequently, operate payroll for each employee. 

With the introduction of Real Time Information (RTI), meeting your employer obligations can seem like an extremely daunting task.


At TaxSmart Accounting we can provide you with a full range of payroll services from assisitng you with the initial registration, to filing all of your RTI submissions with HMRC


We can advise you on how to add employees to the payroll and can deal with the relevant forms and submissions for you. Regardless of how frequently you pay your staff throughout the year, we will calculate your employees' net pay and inform you of any tax and National Insurance deductions, as well as providing you with payslips for the staff and reporting the figures to HMRC.


We can also advise and assist you with the calculations for staff on sick, maternity or paternity leave, as well as the submission of forms for starters and leavers, and keeping track of holiday entitlement for each employee.

If you have provided benefits or expenses to company directors or employees, you will be required to report this information to HMRC by submitting various end of year forms. TaxSmart Accounting can assist you with this by preparing your benefits and expenses forms, as well as advising you on any National Insurance payments that may be due. 


Expenses and benefits can be a very complicated area to deal with, particularly when it comes to knowing what needs to be reported and where it needs to be reported! We can take care of all of the end of year forms and submit them to HMRC on your behalf.


Employers have many responsibilities and these can often seem somewhat daunting, but TaxSmart Accounting can relieve you of the burden by guiding you through the procedures, calculations and deadlines, which will leave you safe in the knowledge that all of your payroll requirements are being taken care of.


You can find further information regarding PAYE in our business start up section. 


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