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TaxSmart Accounting offer a wide range of tax and accountancy services that are specfically tailored to the small business sector and individual taxpayers. Listed below are the types of businesses and indviduals that we can help.


  • Business Start Ups - Starting up a new business can often be an exciting prospect but also a stressful and daunting one at the same time! TaxSmart Accounting can work with you from the beginning and advise you on your various options when starting a new business, as well as answering the many questions that you will often have. 
  • Sole Traders - Although starting out in business as a sole trader is often one of the simplest and most common ways to start, there are still many things to be aware of and many processes to follow. TaxSmart Accounting can advise and assist you with all of your requirements.
  • Partnerships - Setting up a partnership can seem like the obvious option when a business is run by more than 2 people, but there are many factors to consider and responsibilities to be aware of. TaxSmart Accounting can help you with all of your partnership tax and accountancy needs.
  • Limited Companies - There are various reasons as to why a business may want to operate as a limited company, and certain factors that may be important to one business, may not necessarily be to another. TaxSmart Accounting can assess your specific circumstances and then assist and advise you with all of the advantages and potential disadvantages of being a limited company.
  • CIS Contractors - The Construction Industry Scheme has specific tax and payment rules for anyone working within the construction industry, and failure to register or submit certain information to HMRC can result in fines and penalties. Whether you are a CIS contractor or a hired subcontractor, TaxSmart Accounting can advise and assist you with all of your CIS tax and accountancy needs.
  • Contractors / IR35 - If you are working as a freelance contractor there are various factors to consider, one of which is whether you will be affected by IR35 legislation. Whether you are new to contract work or already working on a project, TaxSmart Accounting can make life easier by taking care of all of your tax and accountancy requirements. 
  • Property Landlords - If you receive income from either land or property, you will be required to report the information to HMRC for tax purposes by completing a self-assessment. TaxSmart Accounting can provide a wide range of services and tax advice specifically for property landlords, as well as giving you the peace of mind that you property accounts and tax needs are being looked after.
  • Employed Individuals - Although you would expect that an employee already meets with their tax responsibilities via the PAYE system, there can often be instances where a self-assessment tax return is either a compulsory requirement, or is actually the best way of ensuring that you are not paying more tax than you should be. TaxSmart Accounting provide a variety of services to employed taxpayers and can take care of all of your tax requirements so that you don't have to worry.

More information can be found about the additional services that we provide by following the link to our 'additional services' page.

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